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Types of Wedding Bouquets

While looking for wedding flowers, many brides have a clear idea of the flowers and colors they would like to use. However, many don’t know the different types of bouquets and their corresponding names and features! This infographic can serve as a guide to help brides choose the right wedding bouquet for their wedding day!

Although here is a wide variety of bridal bouquet shapes, the Ballerina bouquets with hydrangeas, Biedermeier bouquets with rosesNosegay bouquets with Peruvian lilies and Posy bouquets with orchids, are some of the most popular and widely used in weddings!



So, share with us! What’s you favorite bouquet type?

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How Do I Choose My Wedding Flowers?

How Do I Choose My Wedding Flowers?

As professional wedding florists, we take for granted all the experience and knowledge we have regarding wedding flowers. As it turns out, many brides-to-be find the process of choosing their own wedding flowers overwhelming and Read more…

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography- How to Choose the Best One for Your Event

Considering how much time and money engaged couples spend for their wedding day, finding the right photographer is crucial! This is the person that will capture the moments that brides and Read more…

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Tight and Toned Thighs for Brides!

Hi, everyone! Here’s a workout routing that I just recently tried and well, I’ll just say it’s definitely not easy BUT you will feel amazing after you did it…ok maybe a few hours after because you might be exhausted when you finish. Read more…

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50% Off Sweepstakes ~ July Winner!

Hurray! In record time we have selected the lucky winner of the 50% off wedding flowers sweepstakes! Our lucky winner for the month of July is Read more…

Annoying Wedding Habits To Avoid

There are so many things that are taken into account while planning a wedding. The food, the wedding dress, the vows… The list goes on and on! Because of this, it is easy to make mistakes both as a couple planning the wedding and as a guest Read more…

Wedding Candy Bar

How to Make a Candy Bar for your Wedding

All the sweetness of a wedding celebration is usually accentuated by romantic decorations, sweet wedding favors or a beautiful and tempting candy bar. That is why when we read this article from Read more…

The Strapless Wedding Dress Arm Workout!

You found your gorgeous strapless dress and now all you want is to have those killer toned arms to show off with it and why wouldn’t you when it’s your DAY! There are tons of things you can do to tighten up and get those defined shoulders like Jessica Biel and Jennifer Anniston, Read more…

5 Ways To Avoid Pre-Wedding Bloat!

Hello Brides! We’re starting a new column on the blog that we think you’ll enjoy. We found a fitness expert who helps brides look their absolute best for their wedding day and she agreed to share some tips with everyone. As always, we’d love your feedback. Without further ado, here’s Ashley Drummonds!

It is the final week of your wedding prep and at this point all you are concerned about is looking absolutely fabulous in that stunning dress you have spent your whole life dreaming about. Read more…

How To Style A Gatsby-Inspired Wedding

There’s no doubt that the roaring twenties are back. What with tv hits like Downton Abbey bringing the glamour of the jazz era to the small screen, we were already primed by the time Baz Luhrman’s movie version of Read more…