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How Early Should You Order Wedding Flowers?

How Early Should You Order Wedding Flowers?

Gorgeous flowers can set the tone for your entire wedding. Your personality, theme and color scheme can all be expressed with the right flower choices. More importantly, your wedding flowers will live forever in your photos. The picture of you walking down the aisle, the shot of the tables at your reception and the photos with your new spouse and the wedding party will all feature your wedding flowers. When you look at your wedding album and relive your special day, your wedding flowers will be prominently displayed.

Obviously, floral perfection relies on having fresh bouquets and arrangements of the highest quality. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your wedding flowers. Picking a vendor may be the first choice, but it certainly isn’t the last. You want to make sure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch, so it is vital that your flower choices are on point. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your wedding flowers and trying to figure out the ideal time to place the order.

Orange Mini Callas Wedding Centerpiece

Orange Mini Callas Wedding Centerpiece

What to Consider Before Ordering Flowers

Having an idea of what you want your wedding to be like is the first step to choosing the best flowers for your wedding day. Picking a theme or mood can make it easier to narrow down your floral choices. Knowing that you want your wedding to be incredibly romantic, laid-back and calm or bold and eclectic will give you options right from the start.

Color choice is also important when picking flowers for your wedding. You want to complement the look of your entire wedding, so the right color theme is essential. Keep in mind that certain flower types only come in specific colors, so if you have a favorite bloom, check and see what colors are available in that type.

Another major consideration is the time of year when your wedding will take place. Much like color, the season can have an impact on the availability of your choice. Some flowers are only available during certain seasons or might be more difficult to come by during specific months. However, many online wedding florists have availability of flowers throughout the year, since their flowers are imported from countries where the weather doesn’t fluctuate too much.


Hot Pink Wedding Flowers

When to Order Your Flowers

As soon as you have a color scheme, you are ready to make your floral choices. This decision should be done fairly early in the planning process, since the color decision will impact venue, décor and clothing options.

Ideally, you will want to choose and order your wedding flowers 6-9 months before your wedding day. Not only will this be a major item off of your to-do list, but it also will help keep you within your planned budget.

Some brides think that ordering flowers online means that placing the order can wait until the last minute. That is not the smartest decision. Not only can putting off your floral order affect the planning process, it can also negatively impact your budget. If you do not order your flowers at least a month in advance, you may have to pay additional for rush charges. Another reason it is important to order ahead of time is to ensure that the flower company has enough of the product. Since quality floral providers hand cut the flowers specifically for your wedding, giving advanced noticed allows them to grow the flowers in time.

Don’t wait until last minute to pick your wedding flowers. These beautiful buds will remain in your memories and your photos forever, so make a plan in advance so you can focus on having the most wonderful day celebrating your love.


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