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After an increased demand for wedding flowers purchased online and delivered directly from the flower fields, Vistaflor saw the need to create a system in which flowers could be delivered nourished and in excellent condition to brides all over the United States. That is how Vistaflor created the Bridesign Wedding Flower concept and the first ever, Wedding-in-a-Box system.

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The Problem:

Delivering flowers is no easy task because wedding flowers need to arrive fresh and in pristine condition so that they last long after the wedding. The freshness needs to be consistent no matter if the wedding is in Florida or Washington state. Since brides across the United States were ordering their wedding flowers online, we needed a solution to deliver the flowers in the same excellent condition as when they left our farm.

In order for brides and grooms to have the best options in terms of value, Vistaflor needed to create a package that could protect their flowers, minimizing the risk of damage or additional costs to cover damaged blooms.

Due to the high demand of fresh wedding flowers, it was imperative to create a process in which flower packages could be sent in high volume anywhere in the United States.

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The Solution:

In order to deliver the freshest wedding flowers, Bridesign’s Wedding-in-a-Box protects the contents with its sturdy composition. This allows the flowers to be nourished throughout the delivery process with its unique design. Since the box minimizes damage to the flowers, brides and grooms are able to buy their flowers online with confidence knowing that they receive the best value.

Our innovative design keeps the flowers protected regardless of distance or weather conditions and it is available any time of the year. Although we use the same boxes for all orders, each box contains exactly what the bridal party needs for the wedding since the design allows for order and design customization.

The Perks:

With our system, you receive your wedding flowers directly from our garden which allows you to save in additional, unnecessary steps throughout the whole shipping process, making it an affordable choice.

Our box maintains flower quality and freshness by protecting each bloom by immobilizing every bouquet while keeping them nourished. This system ensures you get fresh flowers for your wedding day!

The Infographic

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