A Beautiful Wedding, A Beautiful Marriage

“The foundation of all that we are is love. love saved us. love moves us. love molds us. This, for us, was not learned in health.” ~Larissa Murphy* 

Many people meet their soul mate and decide to spend their life together, with the hope that the best is yet to come. They grow older loving each other, through the hard times and the good.  At the end of the day, their struggles help them build a stronger foundation and thus, a stronger marriage.  Ian and Larissa Murphy are no different. Their inspirational and enlightening story demonstrate the fascinating power of love, faith and resilience.


Their video gives an insight into how beautiful their wedding was and, more importantly, how beautiful their marriage is.  As with every single person that finds and marries their true love, for them, the best is certainly yet to come.

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*Quote from Ian and Larissa’s blog.

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