10 Wedding Favors To Make Your Wedding The Most Memorable One Of 2013

When it comes to weddings, favors are a key element. Wedding favors act as a small memento of your big day and also act as a way to thank your guests for attending. In the past, wedding favors would have been a small pot of mints or candied almonds; not very exciting. However, newlyweds are now getting creative with their favors, and here is just a selection of some awesome alternative wedding keepsakes:

1.       Photo checklists

While you may have commissioned a professional photographer to capture your special day, sometimes the amateur photos from the day are a little bit more memorable. As newlyweds, you and your bride or groom cannot be at every element of your wedding at all times, so some classic moments are guaranteed to be missed. Enlist your guests as ‘paparazzi’ by setting a photo checklist, including tasks such as ‘capture your whole table together’, ‘laughter’ or ‘a cute couple’. You could make all of the lists the same for each table, or give each table a slightly different set of tasks, allowing every aspect of your wedding to be captured.

2.       Compilation CDs (of the couple’s favorite tracks)

If you’re a particularly musical couple, this is the ideal wedding favor. Don’t go crazy with the track selection; chances are no one is going to want to listen to a 30-track compilation CD reminiscent of the Now That’s What I Call Music collection. just pick 10 key tracks that mean something to you as a couple. You could pick the track you first danced to, the track that was playing when you got engaged, or a track by your favorite band, among others.

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 3.       Own-brand items

‘Items’ is included here because you could brand almost anything with your newly shared surname. In the past, newlyweds have given out own-brand lip balm, tea, coffee and even hot sauce to their guests as wedding favors. Ask a local graphic designer to create a personalized label for your favors, or just use a simple picture of you as a couple to brand your item of choice!

 4.       Marriage advice cards

This is an ideal novelty favor, especially for those who are already married. With these cards, you create form that leaves blank spaces for guests to fill in as they wish. In other words, they give you advice based on what they’ve learned from their marriage or relationship. These completed cards would make for fun reading on your honeymoon, or to look back on in a few years down the road.

5.       Pebbles

On the surface, this probably seems like a boring gift. However if you, the happy couple, are quite an artsy pairing you could indulge in some pre-wedding bonding time by decorating each pebble favor individually for your guests. You could paint them with simple patterns, with memories from your time as a couple, or keep it basic by tying a ribbon around them, with a tag that contains the details of your wedding. An ideal favor for those having a beach wedding.

6.       Lottery tickets

Within your wedding you could run a lottery style event in which the grand prize is a gift box filled with items that you, the newlyweds, adore. The contents could include  your favorite books, cosmetics, sweets, savory snacks, drinks, games, ANYTHING! In this instance, the favors are lottery tickets that are laid out on each table and adorned with the words ‘we hope today is as lucky for you as it has been for us’.

7.       Mini gumball dispenser

This wedding favor oozes childhood memories, and makes a great gift for both young and old guests alike. Not only that, but it is a completely random and unique favor that will have your guests’ jaws aching by the end of the night. Why not throw a ‘who can blow the biggest bubble’ competition on the dance floor too?

8.       Miniature gnome

A favor perhaps more suited to green-fingered newlyweds, miniature gnomes make excellent novelty favors for your guests, especially if your wedding is held in garden surroundings. Much like the pebbles, you and your spouse could paint each gnome with different colored hats in the build-up to your wedding to create one-off, individual favors. Plus they make nice reminders of your wedding when you’re sat out in one of your guest’s gardens after the wedding!

 9.       Temporary tattoos

Again, another favor that reeks of childhood and will unite guests of all ages. Your tattoos could feature anything, your favorite lyric, a keyword that means something to you, some simple shapes or a custom temporary tattoo featuring a cartoon version of the newlyweds-to-be! Whatever you choose, make sure your guests will want to wear the tattoos; i.e. don’t make them too mushy!

 10.   Charity wedding favors

An increasingly common wedding favor is a small notification that you have made a charitable donation on behalf of your guests, in place of their wedding favor. The British Heart Foundation is one charity that offers a wedding favor collection of wristbands and pin badges so that your guests do not go away empty handed from your wedding.

So if you’re in the process of planning your wedding, why not consider a not-so-traditional favor for your guests? Wedding favors are the only other memory of the day outside of the pictures, so make sure that your favor is as exclusive and memorable as possible!


Nicola works with Top Silicone Wristbands who are a UK based supplier of charity, business and wedding wristbands. She loves weddings, especially ones that are unusual and quirky!

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