Annoying Wedding Habits To Avoid

There are so many things that are taken into account while planning a wedding. The food, the wedding dress, the vows… The list goes on and on! Because of this, it is easy to make mistakes both as a couple planning the wedding and as a guest attending the wedding. When we saw this article, written by Lisa Evans, we thought it would be great to share it with all of you, as many of our brides may find some of these points useful while planning their wedding! Without further ado, let’s see some of those annoying wedding habits to avoid!


Weddings are a joyous time. Friends and family get together to celebrate two people vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. Although it is a time to celebrate, when attending someone’s wedding there are things that can be annoying.

Any wedding where the bride and groom directly request money as their wedding gifts is one thing that is bothersome. Anyone attending a wedding should have the option of purchasing a gift rather than just giving money. What makes this even worse is those that specify a minimum dollar amount that should be given. This may seem obnoxious and unreal, but it has happened and is extremely irritating.

Setting a policy for a wedding that children are not allowed is also frustrating. People with children should not be told that they can not bring the rest of their family to a wedding. This can actually turn people away from the thought of even attending a wedding.

Specifying the type of clothing that guests are allowed to wear at a wedding is annoying as well. Typically guests will wear dressier clothing, but being told, for example, that women are not allowed to wear pants or that certain colors should not be worn is maddening.

Typically there will be a short period of time between the ceremony and the dinner. But when there are several hours between them the guests begin to get hungry. Not only will they get quite hungry, but for those that are drinking, the alcohol can begin to get to them faster.

Bridezillas are not only annoying, but also rude and hard to deal with. Just because a woman is the bride and a lot of attention is surrounding her on her big day does not mean that she needs to be demanding and treat her bridesmaids like slaves. A bride should continue to have her manners and treat people with respect.

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People who invite you or everyone they can possible think of just to get more gifts and money is annoying. You can usually tell who these are by the number of guests they invite as well as who the guests are. If you and your family have only met someone once and you get an invitation to their wedding, most likely they are just looking for the extra gifts and money.

When a couple decides to have a destination wedding overseas they should not demand that friends and family attend and pay for everything. But in some cases they do. Anyone that chooses to be married overseas should make sure that they can afford to pay for it on their own. They should also be considerate in the fact that their friends and family may not be able to afford to attend.

Having the ceremony and reception miles apart is frustrating. When you drive to one location for the ceremony and then have to drive an hour or more to get to the reception, it becomes a chore.

Themed weddings are also annoying. When the guests are expected to dress in a certain type of “costume” at the wedding. Many people enjoy going to weddings and being a part of the joyous occasion, but having to wear a “costume” for it is not something that all of the guests should be asked to do.

Weddings are a joyous occasion and a great time to celebrate. But when these things are added into the mix, somebody is going to be annoyed.

Lisa Evans works with, and has quite the resume of weddings she has attended. She enjoys the not-so-finer things in life, like a ripe nectarine and good company.

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