A simple yet beautiful and elegant wedding cake!

Five Things to Consider Before Choosing your Wedding Cake

You are engaged! Now what?  After choosing the date, wedding venue and guest list, it is time to choose important reception items including… your wedding cake! From elaborate decorations to simple and elegant designs, wedding cakes should reflect you and your future spouse’s personality, wedding theme or something of special meaning for the two of you.  Here are other things to consider before choosing your wedding cake:

    1. Decide on a Budget.  The average cost of a wedding cake for 100 guests is about $600.  Taking into account your guest list and how elaborate you want your wedding cake décor to be, set a limit and decide what would be the max amount of money you would spend on your wedding cake. This will help you determine the style and decoration options that fit your budget.

      Image from PartyPop.com

    2. Be Open to Cake Flavor Recommendations.  If you know for certain what flavor you and your future spouse want, then go ahead and request that for your wedding! (Though you still need to have a tasting before booking a particular baker).  Otherwise, let the wedding baker recommend a flavor, flavor combinations or flavor trends.  Let him know what your wedding menu will be and what types of drinks you’ll be serving.  He will most likely help you choose the flavor or flavors that will best complement your wedding food and drinks menu.

      Image from Once Upon a Pedestal

      Image from Once Upon a Pedestal

    3. Think About Cake Decor Options Before you Visit the Wedding Baker.  Having a somewhat clear idea of what you want your wedding cake to look like will make things much easier for you and the baker.  Decide beforehand if you want fondant (ideal for summer weddings) or butter cream (less expensive), an elaborate design or a simple yet elegant tiered cake.  The options are countless when it comes to wedding cakes but do choose something that fits your wedding theme and budget.

      Image from somethingsweetbymichelle.com.

      Image from somethingsweetbymichelle.com

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  1. Get the Best Bang for Your Buck!  You know how some wedding photographers would give you a discounted or free wedding engagement session if you book them for your wedding? Same may hold true for wedding bakers!  Ask them for a small complementary cake you can keep for your anniversary or better yet, request a replica of your wedding cake for your 1st anniversary at a discounted price!  A few savvy moves on your part may take your money a long way!

    Image from Etsy.com

    Image from Etsy.com

  2. Consider all Your Options.  From buying wedding flowers to ordering their wedding gown online, brides are constantly looking for ways to save.  As long as these options still offer the same level of quality… why not?This may also be the case when it comes to wedding cakes. Some supermarkets and grocery stores have started offering wedding cakes and their sales have increased within the last years.  I have not tried a wedding cake from a supermarket, but that is probably because a bride would not disclose that information with her guests.  Apparently, some stores let you bring a design and would offer customization options. This is certainly an interesting option for brides that are budget minded. If you decide to go with this option, it is still important to actually taste the cake before you decide to buy a cake from them!

    Publix wedding cake. Image from TheKnot.com

    Publix wedding cake. Image from TheKnot.com

 *Bonus Tips*

  • Don’t skimp on delivery costs!  Professional delivery service will ensure that your wedding cake will be intact and on time.
  • Don’t bring more than two people (including your spouse) to your cake tasting!  At the end of the day, it is you and your future spouse who have to love it!

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas for choosing a wedding cake?  Discuss!

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