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How to Make a Candy Bar for your Wedding

All the sweetness of a wedding celebration is usually accentuated by romantic decorations, sweet wedding favors or a beautiful and tempting candy bar. That is why when we read this article from wedding planner Anne Dee, we knew right away we wanted to share it with our readers! Let’s see what Anne recommends her clients and our readers when it comes to creating a candy bar for your wedding!

Your wedding party or reception should be just as sweet as you are so why not give your guests something to remember by creating your very own candy bar?

A candy bar is bound to be the centerpiece of your wedding and even if you do have guests who don’t have a sweet tooth, they’re bound to still want to take plenty of photos. The nice thing about a candy bar is that it can complement your color scheme and you can really let your imagination run wild. It’s not difficult to do, in fact it’s a lot of fun – it just takes a little planning and thought in advance.

Here’s how to make your very own candy bar for your wedding:

1)      Decide upon your color scheme – is it going to fit in and coordinate with the rest of your color scheme or theme or are you going to go rainbow bright? You may decide that it may look more effective if you stick to just two or three colors.


2)      Now you need to do the math and work out exactly how much candy you need to buy. Naturally this depends on the amount of guests you have invited – and also how many kids will be attending! You want to make sure you have enough but you don’t want to be eating M&M’s for the next two months so perhaps run on a guide of about 5 oz per person.


 3)      Decide what candy you’re going to be serving at your bar. This may depend on your color scheme: jelly beans, lollipops and small candies like the aforementioned M&M’s all work well however you may want to include marshmallows if your colors are pink and white or humbugs if it’s a black and white wedding. Browse online stores for inspiration.


4)      Next you need to buy them. This is probably not going to be cheap so plan your budget and stick to it however you will find bargains online, especially as you’ll be buying bulk. Wholesalers should also let you pick and choose your colors too.

 5)      Now it comes to decorating your bar. Stock up on mini chalkboards , glass vases, bowls, martini glasses and champagne flutes and a table cloth that will match your color scheme.


6)      On the big day you’ll probably want to fill the bigger receptacles with the cheaper candy and leave the more expensive ones to the champagne flutes!

 7)      Next take your mini chalkboards and write …well whatever you like…on them! You could write a couple of friendly messages to your guests asking them to help themselves or you could tell them what is in each bowl or vase if you’ve bought quite a few mini chalkboards.


And that’s it! A fun and sugary way to celebrate your wedding that will not only look fabulous but one that will have your guests wondering in awe at your creativity and thoughtfulness – and that goes for big kids as well as little ones.

Anne Dee works at Weddingstar, a designer of wedding accessories. She is a wedding and event organizer who  loves to write wedding tips, DIY tutorials and contribute it to various wedding blogs. Follow Anne on Twitter @AnneDee89 and check out  Weddingstar´s Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages for more wedding inspiration!

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