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Tight and Toned Thighs for Brides!

Hi, everyone! Here’s a workout routing that I just recently tried and well, I’ll just say it’s definitely not easy BUT you will feel amazing after you did it…ok maybe a few hours after because you might be exhausted when you finish. For this particular workout you will need to use your local gym for these exercises unless you have an awesome gym setup at home with all of the leg equipment.

This is also a great workout if you have some serious frustration built up one day and just need to get it all out! This will wear you out so that when the workout is over you’ll be too tired to be frustrated! :)  There will be a good amount of supersets in this workout which simply means you perform the exercises back to back without any rest in between the exercises.

For example, you would perform a set on leg press then a set of high knees….then back to leg press then immediately back to high knees.  The whole idea is to focus on constantly moving and not sitting around between sets. This workout is ALSO perfect to do with a workout partner since you can just alternate on the supersets!

Picture courtesy of Goodhousekeeping.com

When done correctly the workout should also take you under 45 minutes to complete….if it takes longer then you are moving too slow! Also, the amounts of weights referenced below is just what I used for my workout so adjust the weight according to what works for you…if you decide to go heavy then please use a spot and be safe!

For the first exercise that says Pyramid Squats…Pyramid means you will start at 1 rep and build up to 10 reps…your rest time is done by the amount of reps you perform. This sounds complicated but it’s not. So perform 1 rep, rest 1 second….2 reps, 2 seconds….3 reps….3 seconds. This is easiest to do with a partner by you because you can perform a squat then your partner performs the squat….then you perform 2 then rest while they perform two, etc. For example, here is what your Pyramid Squat up to 10 reps will look like:

Set 1 – 1 reps rest 1 sec

Set 2 – 2 Reps rest 2 secs

Set 3 – 3 Reps rest 3 secs

Set 4 – 4 Reps….all the way up to 10.

Then you will pyramid back down like this:

Set 1 – 10 reps

Set 2 – 9 reps

Set 3 – 8 reps

Set 4 – 7 reps…all the way down to 1….when you get to 1 you will perform 10 reps again to finish the pyramid

Let’s go!

Barbell Pyramid Squats

  • 155lbs Pyramid up to 10
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Pyramid down starting with 10


  • Leg Press- 90lbs x 15, 180lbs x 10, 270lbs x 8
  • Barbell High Knee Step Ups (Go For Speed)- 75lbs perform 8 reps on each leg


  • Leg Extensions- 145lbs x 15, 165lbs x 10, 175lbs x 8
  • Hamstring Curls on the Stability Ball- 3 x 20 reps


  • Kick Back (a.k.a. The butt machine)- 60lbs x 15, 70lbs x 12, 80lbs x 10
  • Weighted Lunge Jumps- 3 sets x 20 reps with 20lb dumbbells


  • Sumo Squats- 65lbs x 15, 70lbs x 12, 75lbs x 10
  • Walking Lunges- 3 sets x 20 reps (10 on each leg) x 25lb dumbbells


  • Lying Barbell Hip Raises- 70lbs x 15, 80lbs x 12, 90lbs x 10
  • Weighted Step Ups- 3 sets x 20 reps x 25lb dumbbells


That’s it! That’s the whole workout! Lots of supersets, lots of weight and lots of fat burning moves!

If you want to get your legs hard…you gotta put in the work and be ready to sweat! Good news is you’ll get to eat more food on this day if you’re on the right meal plan ;)

Try this workout and let me know how you feel afterwards….better yet, let me know how you feel a few days after because I guarantee it’ll hit every muscle in your legs, hams and butt!!!!

Share with a friend and get them to do it with you!!! 

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