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Wedding Photography- How to Choose the Best One for Your Event

Considering how much time and money engaged couples spend for their wedding day, finding the right photographer is crucial! This is the person that will capture the moments that brides and grooms will cherish and share for the rest of their lives. Because of this, we asked Toronto wedding photographer, Cathy Kelly to share with us how can brides go about choosing the best wedding photographer for their wedding day!

Wedding ceremonies are one of the most emotional occasions in one’s lifetime. This occasion is riddled with pomp and color as relatives and friends come together to witness the binding of two people to one family unit. Most of the elements of wedding cost higher expenses as brides try as much as possible to give the best for the occasion. Expensive cars and clothing, delicious meals and attractive decorations make the occasion the peak time in a couple’s life, deserving the best photography to preserve memories. It is advisable to choose the best photographer for this season. Consider these tips when choosing a wedding photographer.

Types of Photography

You need to make a decision early on as to which kind of photography you prefer. There are two types of photography: still picture photography and video photography. Still picture photography is the traditional way that has been in use before the emergence of video technology. Many couples in present times prefer video photographers. Video photographs are easy to store. The major advantage of video photographs is that they record mobile pictures. They capture any action in motion and speech in sound. The video photography gives out a true reflection in a real life picture. You can visit sites on the web to get the best photographer. Video photography is the common type.

Professional and Experienced

Since it is a very big day, the wedding needs to be captured by a professional and experienced photographer. The best way is to hire a professional so that you do not take chances. Some snapshots require milder light intensity than others, while others require the photographer to be in a particular position when taking pictures to get a wonderful shot. Many times, people ask their friends to do the job of photography to save money. However, in most cases the outcome is disappointing. Regrets and blame are thrown to the friend, costing their relationship. Bearing in mind that cheap things are costly; it is better to get a professional photographer for the big day.


Sometimes it can be cumbersome to get the best photographer because there is not enough time to do the search. During wedding preparations, the brides are very much occupied and always in a hurry to beat set deadlines.  You can choose the best photographer by his or her reputation. There are photographers who have established their names in the market, and many clients go to them because they are assured of the best product. You can get the most reputed photographer in the market by inquiring from other clients. Some photographers are even advertizing themselves in the media online. It is at this time that you mark them down and make inquiries.

Wedding Company Houses

Wedding company houses are organizations that are concerned with arrangements of a wedding party from the beginning to the end. Most of these companies have the best party organizers and photographers. They know when and how the snapshot will appear the best so that the brides are happy with the job.  The only thing you are required to do is to contact their offices on time and give them the details of the wedding. After getting the details, they will choose which decorations to put at the wedding sites. They will use this opportunity to market themselves by giving you the best service to outplay the other companies. The charges are all-inclusive, so it makes work easier for you during budgeting. Most of the all-inclusive services are discounted, and this can be a relief for you.


Flexibility, in many cases, saves times. The wedding party is an occasion where many guests attend and unpredictable instances can occur. It is good to get a flexible photographer who understands these instances so that the bride can be assured of the best product. Remember, any objection and rigidity by the photographer can result into substandard shots. Sometimes the guests would like to be photographed at a particular venue; the photographer must be ready to go and take the shots.

Master of Ceremony (MC)

You need to get a charming and vibrant MC to entertain the brides to get smiling faces for best pictures. As the wedding occasion is a time of joy and happiness, the photographer needs to take pictures with people wearing smiling faces and not sad faces. So he or she should coordinate with the MC to entertain people and get the best photographs.

Taking these clues into consideration, plan your wedding well and get the best photographs for your memories in many years to come.

Author bio:

Cathy Kelly is a professional wedding planner. She has dedicated most of her precious time to studying about wedding planning and related subjects such as wedding photography. This has made her a voice of authority in advising couples in wedding photography Toronto.

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