What flowers do i need for my wedding?

What Flowers Do I Need For My Wedding?

Whether you are having a fancy wedding celebration, an outdoor reception or a vintage wedding affair, it is important to know how many bouquets and flower pieces are needed for your special day. There are essential flower items, as well as other flower arrangements that you can include if your budget allows for more.

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The following are wedding arrangements you must have for your wedding:

Bridal bouquet. This is usually the biggest bouquet and can also include different flowers and colors from the rest of the decoration.

Groom’s Boutonniere. Like with the bridal bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere usually stands out from the other boutonnieres and most of the times it complements the flowers and colors of the bridal bouquet.

Groom's Boutonnieres

A groom’s boutonniere usually matches the flowers and/or colors of the bridal bouquet

Maid of Honor Bouquet. This bouquet can either be like the bridesmaid bouquets or have an additional accessory, in order to make it standout more.

Bridesmaid Bouquets. These bouquets are usually the same color and flower type, though many brides like to get creative and use different colors and textures, thereby adding a playful twist to their wedding decoration.

Groom’s Men Boutonnieres. Just as the bridesmaid bouquets, these may or may not be like the groom’s boutonniere, but they certainly complement the flowers and colors of their female counterparts.

Other boutonnieres. As a rule of thumb, you may want to order boutonnieres for the following:


-Fathers and grandfathers



Ushers, ministers, grandfathers and other special men can also wear a boutonniere.

Other Corsages. Likewise, you may want to include corsages for the following:

-Mothers and grandmothers

-Special women in attendance you would like to honor

Generally, the wedding flowers mentioned above are the essential arrangements you would need for your wedding. Nonetheless, there is a wow factor added when you have additional wedding flowers, such as petals down the aisle, arrangements at the altar and corsage-like flower pieces or rose petals on the cake table. If you want to go the extra mile when decorating with flowers, these are the flowers you will need for your wedding:

Ceremony Entrance. To decorate an arch, pillars or doors, you can choose a wide arrange of flowers and styles. This is particularly important, as wedding photographers tend to capture the bride as she enters the wedding ceremony.

Hair Flowers. They can be either loose stems of roses, gerberas or Million Star.

Weding Hair Flowers

Adding flowers to any wedding hairstyle adds a very romantic and elegant touch to the bride’s ensemble.

Toss Bouquet. Tossing the bridal bouquet is a tradition at almost every wedding but many brides are opting for having an additional, smaller bouquet for this purpose.

A bride throwing her toss bouquet. She kept her bridal bouquet as a keepsake.

A bride throwing her toss bouquet. She kept her bridal bouquet as a keepsake.

Place-Cards Table Decoration.  Flowers can accentuate an otherwise simple place-card table while adding to the romanticism of the atmosphere.


Light pink carnations used to decorate the escort cards table

Aisle Runners. Some brides order wholesale flowers and use them to fill vases along the aisle. Although it is not absolutely necessary that you have something like this, it certainly adds a very sophisticated and intimate touch to the wedding ceremony.

Pew Markers. This can usually be a corsage-like bouquet  but some wedding decorators prefer to have long vases with floating candles or flowers at each bench.

Candles. If you want to add extra glamour and romanticism to your wedding, you can wrap some flowers around the candles. Maybe one stem of the flower you chose wrapped around with a colored ribbon that matches your wedding theme.

Guest book Table. How about adding some fresh blooms to your guest book table? This is certainly a place where you will want to have some sort of decoration and wedding flowers are usually the perfect way to accomplish this.


Small bouquets and candles to decorate the guest book table

Tell us! What flowers will you definitely use in your wedding celebration?

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